Thursday, November 22, 2007

Who is that masked man?

I had promised Colin a helmet liner for his motorcycle helmet *forever*. When I was in Cottage Yarn, the Yarn Lady mentioned she had made one out of Malabrgio for her husband to go hunting in. So - I purchased a ball in the colors he likes - plain black/browns/greys and went at it. I also wanted to practice the pattern since I want to make some for the troops but I had a hard time envisioning how the pattern works. It turned out OK except Colin says the part around the nose needs to be a bit tighter.

It was a suprisingly fast knit. I thought it would take longer. It is basically a turtle neck with a hat attached :) I think I can now tackle making some to send over for the troops. Here is the link to the pattern if you want to make one for the troops too: Helmet Liner Patterns.


Virtuous said...

Aah so that is what it looks like!

I guess it makes sense for it to be snug against the nose area.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Connie said...

Looks great and I have bookmarked the pattern before and want to make one too.

Did you notice the revision at the bottom for pulling it in close to the face?

doreen said...

This looks so cool! I want to make some in the boy's sizes and if he will wear it, one for Rok too!

woolly_booger said...

Cute photos! When my husband had his motorcycle this would have been perfect.