Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finally.......Cold Weather!

It's finally cold enough to justify making something to keep warm! I made Jason a hat out of Manos del Uruguay. I got the yarn for free!!!! I wanted to try it and decided to by a skein. But then found out I had a $75 coupon to spend and I had to spend it in one day!!!!! Such bad luck to have $75 to spend in a yarn shop!!!

Unfortunately - I didn't have a good game plan. Afterward, I realized I should have gotten some cashmere or something purely luxurious that I would never get otherwise. But I got 4 hanks of the Manos, 1 of Malabrio lace, and some stich markers to use every last penny.

These is the 100% Wool yarn. It's think and thin and fun to knit. It is not as soft as Malabrigo - another kettle dyed yarn. It's great for a hat - perfect weight. I wouldn't use it for a sweater though - even though it's beautiful - but it would be a tad too scratchy for me. I'm hooked on the idea of Malabrigo as the perfect sweater wool.

I also made another pair of Fetchings out of Moda Dea Bamboo Wool. These will be a gift for one of the kid's teachers along with the other pair. The yarn was great to work with, seems like a much more expensive yarn than what you would usually find at A.C. Moore. The color selection isn't that great, however, or I would think about it for a sweater. If I decide to make a dark grey sweater, then I would consider using this again.


Virtuous said...

Ooh look you are all done with the hat! Too cute! And perfect timing! :oD

I heard the Manos yarn does have that thick/thin and alot of knitters do not like that at all..mmh

@ fetchings - Great quick gift for teachers! Perfect when they have bus duty! :o)

It was great seeing you yesterday!

Connie said...

The hat is finished! You've been looks great and I know he likes it. Those teacher's are lucky ladies!

doreen said...

free yarn. . . i'm drooling. lucky you, but you deserve it!
The hat is so cute on Jason. It's like a little beanie on his head. . . Makes me want to knit hats for ch and m, but alas Z is taking all of my knitting love these days. As usual, the fingerless gloves are very nice too.
You know what I'm waiting to see blogged though. . . Cache!