Saturday, November 17, 2007

Death of Family blogger - Birth of Family Space

Our family Blogger site died a slow, painful death. I haven't blogged on it in over a year. And blogging isn't Colin's thing. So - I've started one on Live Spaces because it does a bit more of what I need in a family blog - basically combline my family blog and photo album.

Here's the link: Family Blog to check out what are the latest antics that our family is up to. The latest excitement is that Jada turned 1!!! I didn't get as many birthday pictures as I would have liked but I snapped a few. I can't believe it's been a year, yet it seems like we have had 3 kids forever.

I felt bad b/c I had to send out our family pictures recently to some college friends and it was all very old. Now I have a new site to send them too. And I will do better about keeping it up.

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Virtuous said...

How fun! I like when families keep up with each other thru e-journaling. I wish my family would do that since all of us live so far apart. But some can barely send an e-mail!!

Happy 1st birthday Jada!!