Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Meet EastSideKnitters

I found a new knitting group in Redmond!! I was crusing a local mall looking for a bite to eat and a place to knit, and I found a very busy table of knitters (and spinners). They invited me to join them and now I have a home away from home :)

It was great to hear them talk about the knitting community in their area. It's very different than Charlotte. Alot more people who actually produce their yarn, spinning and getting very interesting sounding fibers. I've always wanted to know how to spin, maybe I will learn through hanging out with them when I'm in Redmond. Since I am there once a month - you will know where to find me on Wedensday evenings!!


Virtuous said...

JACKPOT!!! Now that is wonderful!!!! Just wonderful!!!!
Have so much fun!! YAH! :oD

doreen said...

if you knit it, they will come. . .