Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Sock Tragedy

My favorite socks, made out of my favorite yarn (koigu) experienced a tragic, catastrophic injury. Somehow, when I put them on this week I noticed a HUGE hole in the bottom of the sock. I had foolishly ignored the labelling and was washing them in the washing machine. I had dried them flat, but the washing machine (even thought it as a front loader) and the constant wearing exacted it's toll. My poor socks.

Doreen had a good idea to buy some suede and put suede bottoms on them. I think I may have to do that. But for now, I mourn my socks. It's made me add more energy to completing the koigu socks I have been working on for a while. So I can have another pair for my tired little toes to wear.

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doreen said...

I am so sad for these socks. I can't wait to see the new slipper version with the suede partial or full soles though! I bet they will still be just as lovely and only you will be the wiser on the hole!