Sunday, April 01, 2007

Jada's Teddy

I have been wanting to make a teddy bear for Jada. Soft and cute, that she could cherish as made by her mommy. Well - I hadn't got around to it. And my sister found what I thought would be a great color for a knitted bear. But I hate working with chenille and it was a huge cone. Much larger than needed for a bear. So - after trying to get over my chenille adversion, I realized I would never use it and gave it to her. This is her suprise bear for Jada, isn't it cute?? Jada loves it!!


doreen said...

OK she is just way TOOOOOOO cute! You must send me a copy of this picture. I'm glad she likes her beary friend.

Julia said...

Jada looks so cute!I'm suer she will love the teddy that you make for her.Have a wonderful weekend!