Friday, April 06, 2007

Running through the wildflowers socks.....

I finished my socks using the Wildflowers colorway from Sunshine Yarns (purchased on I love, love these socks. She also has a new tighter spun yarn in the same colorway that would probably make even more durable socks. But these are soft and yummy. It started pooling in a weird way on the 2nd sock and I didn't stop it. So that sock looks a tad weird - but I love them anyway. I am going to make a matching scarf of of the extra yarn I have left over.

I used my own pattern - plain ole' knit stitch - with a standard heel and a 4 corners (janet's no-grafting) toe. They fit me perfectly - and that's good because they are mine!!! I've taken a break from gift socks to enjoy a pair or two :).

In the picture one looks way bigger than the other. It's an optical illusion folks. The are the same size! Blame the photographer - me :)

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doreen said...

they look and feel very nice! great job! the scarf will be lovely too.