Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Koigu socks are finished

I finally finished my green koigu socks. First of all - I love, love, love green!! And secondly I love, love, love koigu. So - you know I love, love, love these socks!

I 3 needled bound off the toe and foot because I have lost patience and confidence in my abilities to graft effectively.

The top of the sock is a garter rib pattern - the heel is an after-thought heel. The toe and heel yarn is Fearless fibers - Midnight Blue. I'm making another pair of socks with the rest of this hank.

Finally- I finish a pair of socks - now on to the other lonely 1 completed socks I have in my WIP bin.

1 comment:

doreen said...

I really like these, I like the main color and the combination of the two! Great job. I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing them.