Sunday, September 25, 2005

Still crocheting and knitting

With my WIP bin overflowing and not much actually getting finished - I had to try some quick projects just so I can say something was complete. My daughter's sweater is giving me fits because when I BO at the bottom it was too tight! My LYS is going to help me, but I need to find time to swing by and seek out assistance.

I have been admiring fingerless gloves and found a pattern I wanted to try - so I knitted one last night and today. It was quick and satisfying, now I just have to compelte the other one.

I made it with Inca Alpaca which is really, really soft. I love the yarn!

And I also had some alpaca yarn I was dying to try so I crochet this scarf. I miss crochet!

Ignore my feet in the photo! I am crocheting a coordinating hat to match the scarf and I have some finishing to do on the gloves - I have to thread in some yarn and add a flower to the wrist area. It it is a little more loose than ideal - so next time I will have to check my guage first!! Bad I know - I'm terrible at checking the gauge before charging ahead!

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doreen said...

cute gloves, and I love the colors of the scarf.