Friday, September 02, 2005

A letter to my representatives and president

I have been so increasingly angry the past few days, that I had to let my representatives and president know. I hope they have had fun spending money on highways and pet projects the past few months - and can now pull that money back to do some real work.

Here is my letter:

I have been extremely dissappointed with the response of the federal government to this tragedy. It appeared that we responded faster to war in Afganistan and Iraq, as well as for Tsunami victims then our own citizens. This could very easily be any city in America with a natural, nuclear or terroist event. It is a disgrace, and I would like to request my representative to become involved in fixing this so we are never as embarassed by how poorly we can take care of our citizens again.

I do not accept the blaming of the victims. Most who did not leave could not leave. I do not accept the slaps on the back from FEMA and other agencies because while they have done their best (apparently) their best was not enough and that is not what we pay them to do. We pay them to be able to execute - quickly - to address emergencies that local goverments cannot handle. The fact that they have been so ineffective in this instance is inexcusable. They need to find leadership for FEMA and Homeland Security that can be effective in a time of need as we so clearly have had in the past week.

I have summited it - and if you feel equally as disappointed you can contact your congressperson and president there as well.

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