Thursday, September 15, 2005

Janeen's sweater

I am using a top-down book to make sweaters. After making my son a sweater (which I still have not finished!!) I got very sick of sewing. The book I am using knits from the top down and there is really no sewing - it's great and fast. Here is my progress on her sweater. The first picture shows how you start the top and proceed through the shoulders. The second shows afte I started a sleeve and am amost to the ribbing in the body. Isn't it cool! Nothing has been sewed in! Here is the website for the book I used - Sweaters for Everyone: The only thing I am not happy with is a purl much looser than I knit - so when I switched to knitting in the round the patter is much tighter and you can see it in the fabric below :(

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doreen said...

cool, did you change the stitch when you started the sleeve/ body portion? it looks different. . . it's looking great btw, I want to make one for me now!