Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Take Two

My browser just blew away my entry. This is take number two. I so do not need this right now.

This was going to be a long entry. We will see now. I have a lot to update as I've been away so long on the blog. Travel, summer camp, work, LIFE. I'm still knitting, never fear. And spinning too. I've done very little blog reading - so I'm out of touch with my virtual knitting friends too. Here is hoping life returns to something resembling normal in September!

Hmmmm, let's start with a few yarn purchases of note. For my birthday my sister totally enabled me to pick up Schaefer Andrea in the colorway Rosa Parks. Even if you don't see the yarn, it sounds beautiful doesn't it? But the deep hues that the silk just soaked up are so lovely. I have it in a nice little ball waiting for a little treat for me.


The photo doesn't do it justice.

Another great find is Knitch. I was able to visit when in Atlanta at a conference in July. I have no pictures. But I found the softest laceweight cotton you can imagine. Habu Cotton Boucle:


I fell in love. Another project I will be not wanting to part with.....

They had lot of Habu - I was in bliss in the display that housed these yarns. I of course had to get the Kusha, Kusha scarf kit - and am almost done with my first one. I will love wearing this mixture of silk and wool this fall.


I have a Black/Green kit too! I will perhaps gift this scarf. Then again - green is my favorite color these days! I actually want to try this scarf with Jojoland Harmony. I think I will like to subtle color changes and the wool weight is close to the Habu wool. So I may just use the green wool for another project as my sister gifted me another cone of it - so I have enough for something bigger.

I've been knitting shawls again recently. Today I wrapped up one for my daugter. I used naturallycaron Spa. It's a Acrylic/Bamboo blend, and makes a super soft fabric. I was so pleasantly surprised at how it knitted up. I had used some before for a baby kimono (disaster, not the yarn but my effort). But perhaps because it was dyed, it didn't seem as soft. This was soft and squishy in the Naturally colorway.


The pattern is Angel Lace by Evelyn Clark. I thought it is perfect for a shawl for her in church where she is always cold. I didn't tell her I was making it until today when it was done. She loves it, so I'm glad I kept it a surprise. I forgot to show her the little angel pattern, I'll have to tell her that later. I think she will like that.


I put little glittery blue pony beads at the end to add a bit of her favorite color and make it special for her. I had her pick out the beads w/o telling her what it was for.


It's soaking now, I'll have to post pictures once it was blocked. But she did get to try it out tonight.



Here it is blocking.....


On a work note - this was one of the most interesting weeks of my career. My job is being relocated to Washington. Not surprising because despite the frequent travel - I really needed to be there full-time. It could have been a RIF, but I am being offered another job. And 3 days to accept it. I'm full of mixed feelings - it's a significant career change for me. High profile, and sort of exciting. Almost too exciting. Like going down in flames with a new job I know nothing about, creating a bit ole mess exciting. Nothing like fear of failure to get the heart racing. So - this week knitting has been a refuge. I've got to make a decision by Friday, but the decision is basically this or good luck finding something else in NC when 70+ other people at the site with similar skills are looking. So I know what I am going to do, I'm just burying my head a bit before I put it in writing.

Let's get off this topic - too much reality is sinking in.

I'm gearing up for Ravelymics. I'm most excited about Hey Teach!. I picked up the yarn on my birthday as well.


Doreen is doing it with me in the same colorway. Squee!

I have some other things lined up - tackling WIPs, and a lace project. I'm sort of tempted to use my Rosa Parks, I guess I need to decide by tomorrow! Yikes!

Well - it's late and 45 mins past when I was supposed to head out for my walk. And I forgot I need to block Janeen's shawl before bed. Nite, nite.

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Virtuous said...

So glad you went ahead and still blogged! I would have just said forget it after 2 drafts eaten up! Haha!

Love the Angel shawl!! Looks soooooooo comfy!

Like that you bring a bit of reality to your blog from time to time. I will pray for your perfect peace during this time of anixousness!