Friday, August 15, 2008

Off to a slow start

The Beijing Olympics have been fabulous. The opening ceremonies - breath-taking.

My Ravelymics - not so much.

I did finish one project - start to finish:


I used Handmaiden Camel Spin. The online reviews were that the yarn was to die for. I somehow ended up with colors I was not in love with. And when I got it - I was less than impressed. It felt like cotton to me, not the silky soft I was expecting. But after knitting with it the fabric grew on my - and I love the result now. It almost has golden tones to it. I think it will be a gift - a pricy one- but I'm glad I used it. It was in my sell stash for a while, but I decided I couldn't get what I paid for it and I'm glad I decided to make a special scarf for someone. Camel hair - that's rare! The pattern is Rivolo - it was a easy - but didn't make the nice little rivers at first. Once I tightened my gauge it was better. It knits on a bias - so it's hard to see - you have to block it severely to get the nice pattern. All in all - a nice fast pattern that looks more complicated than it is. The scarf is a little short, but functional - and I may make it narrower if I make it again. The yarn was classed as laceweight, but it worked out closer to fingering with size 5 needles in my book.

I also made a market bag - finally!!!!!


I found this new yarn at the Ben Franklin in Redmond - NaturLin - a Rayon/Linen blend. It looks like Linen, but with a softer hand and very shiny. Less rough to work with, but strong. I tried to break it when I was on the plane without scissors. NOT. Almost tore my skin.

The pattern was called Hadley Mini although there was nothing 'mini' about the bag at all. It holds 4 HUGE balls of cotton yarn.

I loved the yarn and pattern. I will use both again.

I'll close with a few pictures of Sweetie with her shawl:



Next week - we are headed to Myrtle Beach for the week and I get to work on Hey Teach! and hopefully make up for my slow start. Happy Knitting everyone!


Virtuous said...

Aah she is getting big and hair growing long! Wow!

Can't wait to see your Hey Teach progress!

Have a great time in Myrtle Beach with family!

doreen said...

I love the pics of my sweet niece, the shawl came out gorgeous. I love the angels and will probably try to steal it when I see it in person.