Thursday, June 05, 2008

Things not to do when you are tired

1. Knit lace. I had to take a break from knitting lace before I made a mistake - and especially since I have no life line.


I will leave SanDiego on row 58 of the Rona Lace Shawl. I got to attend NONE of the conference I came to attend and I didn't get to go back to LaJolla or see the Ocean. Waah. Instead - I spent the week in the hotel room with a cold. Use my best Godfather voice in phone meetings and work on my shawl.


In case you missed my ravings about Curious Creek Meru - this is one nice yarn. I have loved every moment of knitting with this and will absolutely luv wearing it.

3. Suduko. I stink at suduko when tired.

4. Find a movie on TV, there is never anything good to find on TV when tired.

5. Listen to NPR. Love, love NPR. But not when I'm tired.

6. Take surveys to test your smartness. for some fun - I saw this on Dani's and Jane's blogs. It gave me a headache, because I was tired and was trying to think. Mistake. says I'm 19% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

I'm not sure if I'm 19% Stupid. But I am 99% tired.

7. Blog. Nuff said.

Good Night.

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