Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hemlock Anyone?

She's done!!!!


And I get to use my Mother's Day gift - Knitter's Block! It's not big enough - so she spills over the sides. But I love it!


Jada loves Hemlock too!


As previously mentioned, the cast off takes a while, but after you get used to it, it is not too bad. I will still use the crochet cast-off for any future versions.


And - Hemlock has a sister Rona that is coming along....


I lurve Rona. She is silky and sexy.


And she is not boring, while it's pretty easy to see what is going on. Each row is sort of different. There is some knitted lace, some lace knitting, even some ribbing which I had not done in lace before. She keeps you going each round. I only wish she had a chart - too many words! But not to difficult to visualize and follow what is going on.

Baby girl has rice all over her face, Babee Tenda and bib. I question how much is in her stomach. Back to being a mommy.


Virtuous said...

Ooh! Definitely a sister to Hem!
I see you picked up lurve too! ;o)

Yay! To your Hem being all done. I am about 1/2 way there! Thanks Janet for encouraging me to do this project!!

turtlegirl76 said...

Hemlock looks fantastic! Well done!

doreen said...

I love it! I cannot wait to see mine done too. I've got some ideas on how to block it out. . . How many rows did you do? Jared's count, or the full chart? And how much yarn did it take? I'm making mine larger so I'm curious. I'm past Jared's count but mine seems smaller :( Looks lovely, and little J is so cute as your model.

Virtuous said...

Ooh you added the Jada pics! :oD

Yes I came back to ask you too which row did you end on before binding off??

QueenDBW said...

Simply stunning!!!! I am SO gonna find me a lace pattern....

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Your Hemlock Blanket is gorgeous!! And little Jada sure is a cutie patootie!!!

life as I know said...

I love it, it's absolutely beautiful. I haven't tried lace yet, but this really makes me want to dive in.