Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My, how things have changed

I'm missing my knitting blogs as I am on a business trip, neck deep into business planning and in training. I got to visit two of my favorite Seattle knit shops: Weaving Works and Acorn Street Shop - and am too busy to even play with the yarn.

Whine, whine.

But I had to post this comment - as CNN drones on in the background while I'm working on slides this morning - the topic is of course the election. And a conversation with my daugther came back to me out of the blue.

Let me start by stating the obvious - my daughter is female and African-American: two traits which has previously ensured that she would never be President of the United States.

Her dream is to be President. I think I've blogged on that before.

One of her future platforms that she has discussed with me - I don't think she has discussed them all as this is a long standing topic with her. However, she has commented a lot on "bad people". And she wants a portable jail that can drop down on someone right before they do something bad. That way the police can come and stop them before something happens. A bit Sci-Fi - but I like how the girl thinks!

She also has strong feelings about the "news". Her presidency would focus on news that was decidedly more positive in nature.

She was a little miffed to find out that there may be a woman president before her, she wanted to be the first.

This weekend she asked me can someone run for President twice?

To my self I think - after watching this race I'm considering telling her I'm questioning why anyone would want to run for President once! But my better self prevails, and I put on my supportive parent hat. I explain the 8 year limitation of anyone to be president and discuss why, this history etc.

Janeen thought about it a moment - and I said more to herself than to me - I need to figure out when I want to be president then since I can only be president once!

We often discuss if we can get a bit of our children's energy how powerful that would be.

I think if we can just capture some of our children's dreams - and see the world through the possibilities of their eyes.

Dream on Janeen - plan your Presidency. No matter what the future holds - we will all benefit from you setting your sights so high.


QueenDBW said...

A child after my own heart. I have been taking stock of my life lately and have decided that I NEED to make some changes. I will be like Janeen - set my sights and stay on target.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I would almost elect her right now based on that platform! How exciting for her to watch this election process! Now let's just hope the right candidate wins!!

doreen said...

Amen niecy! Preach it sista'