Friday, December 21, 2007


Why did I wait until the last minute to realize I only had 2 teacher's gifts made and I needed 4!!!

Time for the One Skein Book by Leigh Radford. Her book is a life saver. I decided to make the 2 cable Scarf - part of her 4 Cable scarf options. Last year I had made a ton of the 3 Cable version. This was just as quick and satisfying a knit. I love these scarves because they look at lot more difficult and complex than they are!!

I made the Blue version with some Lamb's Pride I had, and then I purchased some 1824 Wool at Rave Knits. Wow!!! I love that yarn - it is fabulous!!!

Speaking of Rave Knits - my stash swelled after a trip to Rave this Tuesday. Unfortunately - the store is closing. I hate it when a Local Yarn Shop closes. And this was our only option in our town. It hate it for the owner, because she was really working hard to make it work out, but owing a LYS isn't easy I hear. She offererd a few of us loyals first dibs at a sale and look:

And this is just the yarn!!

....Yes....I have a serious yarn habit!! But I wasn't the only one! :)

I also picked up a few needles, notions and fixtures.

So - Please, please support your LYS!!!! We don't want any more to close!!


Virtuous said...

Hope you were able to get all of those last minute gifts done! stash swelled today too!

doreen said...

Yes, Rave closing is tragic. . . but my craft room is embracing the loss. The additions haven't been absorbed yet into their proper places. It's been kind of neat to go in there and see them sitting and dream of the future projects.
The scarves came out great.

Aura said...

I really like the One Skein book, too. I've made the single cable scarf for my grandson and the double cable one for my son.

Jenny said...

My stash was nonexistent until the sale... now I'm a knitter for sure. And I have some serious stash love going on. I sure will miss the knit shop though. It was only my second knit night!!!! I'm heartbroken. :(