Monday, December 10, 2007

My Funky Circle Vest

I am done with my Funky 70's vest. I saw the Circle Vest pattern in Silk Knits and just invisioned it in 70's blues, browns, Orange, etc. I saw this yarn that was so yummy at Charlotte Yarn called Scotia Silk by Fleece Artist. One of the yarn companies I love. I bought to skeins in to complimentary colorways and decided to knit two rows in each color. I wasn't sure how it would turn out - but I love the look. I would have wanted it to be a bit larger, but I used up almost all of the yarn and since each round was getting longer and longer was afraid to start another increase.

The pattern is pretty easy and not to boring because you increase every other row. So you have to pay attention. The increases are a bit strange, since you are increasing ribbing. But once it's all down it looks better than when you are knitting it and it is sort of spreading out a little bit each row. I will make this vest again. I saw one in another LYS made in a light cotton yarn that would be great for a summer vest. I don't think I will use the 70s colors for that one, maybe something with the striped yarn this vest typically calls for.

I finished this vest on our trip back from Florida. We drove all night last night and into today so I can make it back to fly to Seattle tomorrow. We were blessed and I just have to share that in my closing thoughts! We heard a knocking sound about midnight last night that we hadn't heard before. We decided maybe the car engine was cold (yeah, in FLORIDA, we were a bit tired I guess). Today it got worse and Colin decided to check it. The van had NO OIL. We drove all last night and through 3p today with NO OIL in our engine. We are truly blessed to not be stuck in Florida, Georgia or South Carolina. Our mechanic couldn't believe our engine didn't seize. We started our return trip with a prayer. And it was answered. We didn't get too sleepy and we arrived home safely. My vest will always remind me of that trip. Oh - had we had a wonderful time visiting Colin's family and some college friends. Check out the family blog for photo albums of both vists. I have to post a blog on that site with more details of the trip, but after I'm in Seattle and can gather my thoughts and get some sleep!


Virtuous said...

OMG!!!! Your family was blessed to get back safely!!! Thank GOD!!

Will y'all have to get a new engine??

*focus* :o) Your vest is beautiful and it looks to fit you just fine!! I have always wanted to make one of those! But the increases in a circle/ribbing scare me! Haha!

doreen said...

Praise God you made it, mommy told me about the van!
I love the vest. Now I'm wondering if I need to abort my pinwheel sweater and make a vesty??? I haven't figured out the yardage I need and I'm dying to make it out of the silk garden from you!
I have to get done w/all of these Z projects so I can move on. There's socks and mittens, and sweaters, vests, etc. that are all waiting, lol.

CraftyMum said...

I love the vest. Where can I get the pattern from, I want to make one , any help to get the pattern would be great.

Pat said...

I really love your vest and the color you chose. I've been looking for this pattern for a long time and would love to have it.

Katrina said...

I need some help with the vest. Can you answer a question for me please? I am on line 31 and am not sure how to continue with the pattern. Do I just go to round 8 and continue in the pattern? Thanks.

knancyknitter said...

Can you tell us where to get the vest pattern? I would love to make one like it.

louise said...

i would love to make this pattern if you could send it to me. it looks amazing on you and glad you and your family made it home safe!