Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Karalund is done!

I hate sewing, but I buckled down and sewed up the Karalund today at Stream Of Praise (SOP) practice and Charlotte Purls.

First of all SOP was a real teary session today - I love the SOP prayers and today Dad really prayed for all of us. It was needed as this week was not a good one for most of us. But we all knew who brought us through. Thank God for friends to cry with when you need a good cry.

Karalund has been done since Monday, and blocked since Thursday. Today I stitched her - although I noticed a few places she needs better stitching. I made the sleeves too long though - and I'm trying to work up the enthusiasm to take her little sleeves apart to reknit that part of them. I sort of like to be done with projects when my little brain thinks I'm done. But I know I wont' be happy with it looking like a little kid that borrowed her mother's sweater. I love the feel and look for Karalund and I want to wear her a lot, so I need to suck it up and do the sleeves correctly. Thanks Stacy for helping me realize this :)

Here she is:


She is knit out of Moda Dea Silk n'Wool, which is fairly affordable and available at a non-LYS *gasp*. It is one of my favorite yarns actually - I made my daughter socks in this and have washed them several times with great results. It's a great sweater weight - not too heavy or thin. And the drape is fabulous. I will knit with this yarn again.

Most Karalunds are made with striped yarn, but I'm glad I went with a solid. You can see the stitches very clearly and I think it makes the sweater a bit more dressy. I can see myself with some sexy jeans and spiky boots in this baby. It's date night tomorrow with Colin - and Miss Karalund just may get to go out on the town. Long sleeves and all!


doreen said...

I think it's gorgeous! I'm happy for you to have knit your first sweater, I'm sure it won't be your last! If you have your measurements from pre-blocking you can use those to adjust how many rows to remove for the stretch of the garter ribbing with the post-blocking measurements. My sweater like this had the same problem. I just like them cuffed and long.

Virtuous said...

Wow you are fast! LOL

I LOVE this knit and will have to eventually do it too.

I really think this was a FABulous yarn selection!!

And I now recall another Noro knit made my Lint Knitter mentioning how her sleeves were way too long too. It may be the designer thing...I will have to remember that!

Karalund looks great on you!

woolly_booger said...

I love this sweater. And, I'm going to have to check out that yarn.

gold said...