Saturday, September 08, 2007


My poor neglected blog. I have been knitting, and even crocheting. And now - I've added weaving as my new fiber art. I've bought a ....errrrrrr.... few looms, and also learned how to weave on a pot-holder loom with the great tutorial on this site - It's so simple. No need for those pesky, horrible loops. What a great idea!!

I've also fallen in love with linen yarn, and hemp. All types. Thick, thin. For face cloths, shawls, and I'm even experimenting with a baby blanket (perhaps) or a shawl in crochet linen.

Hemp is yummy to. I've ordered some hemp yarn from and the local LYS. And I also picked up some hempton (Hemp and cotton) from

Let's see - what else have I been doing. I have 2 swallowtail shawls almost done, but I've been intimidated by the ending, so I'm pausing to get up my nerve!!! They are so pretty, I will be so sad if it doesn't end well.

I've discovered knitting groups. The Concord, NC knitting group that meets at Rave Knits has been one that my sister and I attend. It's been great getting to know more ladies (and a man) who love knitting as much as I do. And talking with them about different projects, getting inspired by what creative things they come up with, and we have 2 ladies from Universal Yarns that come by and tease us with new yarn on a regular basis. That is like a bartender visiting an AA meeting!!!

I heard from a nice lady about another knitting group that meets in the University area that I think I have to visit. It's becoming another addiction - knitting groups :) My AA meetings.

Oh - and have you seen the new Knit Picks Harmony needles - I've GOT to get me some of them! They are beautiful and I have a bit of a needle fettish.

I've discovered via blogs Japanese Lace knitting books - and I have a few on the way :)

I've fallen in love with lace, and have many many projects in the works.

So it's obvious I'm to busy to blog!! So my poor blog is suffering. But the bright side is I should have lots of cool pics soon.

The baby is getting big. She is scooting holding on to things all over the place. But she isn't walking yet. It is just a matter of time. Her little personality is so funny to us. She is very independant (not anything like her mother of course!! NOT!) and sneaky. She gets very quiet when she is sneaking out of her play area. That's our only clue that a 9 month old is on the loose. If you delay 10 seconds, there is no telling where she will be. She is very attached to Colin these days, sort of hurts my feelings some times. She isn't talking to much, but she doesn't have to - she's pretty good about letting us know what she wants. She used to have a very quiet wheezy cry, but that's gone. She has replaced it with a high-pitch, back of the throat screech. I guess we weren't reacting fast enough to the low wheeze. Being a momma of a baby again is tiring but so much fun. I guess because I know it's the last time - I'm not ready for any phase (even bottles and diapers to end. And I was super depressed when I had to stop breast feeding due to high BP. I still wish I could BF her today - she has a lot of skin problems and I wonder if BFing would have helped. But overall she is as strong and healthy as we could have hoped for. We are blessed.

Well - Jason has asked me for the 10th time for pizza so my sad little blog post will come to an end. I'm travelling next week for work. Perhaps my blog will get a few entries while I'm on the road.

Chat with ya latter.


Virtuous said...

My goodness you do love some Hemp yarn!!

Haha! Would love to take a look at your Japenese books when you get them in!

We had such a wonderful time today at our AA meeting! LOL :op I will be posting pics up very soon!

And YES! I have some Harmony needles on their way! LOL Haha!

doreen said...

I'm jealous, I wanted the Harmony needles too. . . I must convince Rocky that I need them, but how? I saw them and was instantly in love!
You have been terribly busy and your fo's show it.
Baby Jada is growing up so quick, it's going to be neat to see how she and Zuri interact. . . I'm getting a little verclempt thinking about the end of her baby days and she's not even born yet. Quit it Janet with the emotional heartstrings!
I enjoyed getting tog last night and we MUST, make it regular.
I'm tempted to come with you a few times to the other YA meeting. . . I'll have to see how it works out with our family schedule though. Souunds like tons of fun.