Monday, September 17, 2007

Dead batteries, Rain, First walking moments and USPS Brings Joy

I got back from my trip to Seattle, tired, cranky, but happy to be home. I had hired a driver because I didn't want to leave my car at the airport (hubby needs it) and I really didn't want to drive. But upon arriving at the airport - the drivers car wouldn't start!! The battery was dead. He was embarassed, it wasn't his fault. But the last thing I wanted to do was sit for 45 mins in the airport. And then when we got going thei Humberto rain caused accidents on 85. And since Charlotte drivers find it impossible to drive in the rain without either crashing or causing back ups to watch other people crash - it tooks us another 45 mins to an hour to get home.


But - upon arrival, my Knitpicks Harmony Needles had arrived.

A lot of other good things happened, of course - but this is a craft blog.

I'm in love with them. They are smooth and hard, but warm as wood is. The sharp points are heaven. I like them better than the nickel plated and the Addis. The KP lady hit gold with these, every knitter will have to have a pair I suspect.

Both the DPNs and the interchangable are both great. Wonderful joins, and the tips, the tips!!!

I took off 2 sets of DPNs I had on socks immediately. One I knew I was not enjoying b/c of the rounded tips on the pony pearls. I like pony pears feel, but the round tips are not working out on the jaywalker socks. I dread the row with increases and decreases b/c to knit tightly but try to scoop out the inc or dec with blunt needles wears on you after a while.

But my new Harmonies are great!! I love you get an extra DPN for breakage - that has happened to me with my Brittney 0s before - grrrr-. But I now have a cure for that. ON my Seattle trip, I found out about the Nancy KnitNacks DP WIP tubes (check them out at: No more broken wood needles for me!!

So as a knitter I'm now happy.

Now for the non-knitting grumbles. Jada started walking - as I knew she would. Just like Janeen did 8 years ago. She isn't consistant yet, but she can walk. She's smart enough to know that walking may not be the best thing right now - ie. less carrying - so she holds out for special occasions or when we aren't looking and she is playing in her play area. But once again - I missed this special event in one of my children's lives. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Harmony - nice!!!

Missing Jada walking - not nice!!!

I have no pics of WIPs at the moment. So - just use your imagination. Lots of lace, socks, and yummy yarns of course. :) Stay tuned for pics.


Virtuous said...

Ooh I have been hearing everyone renouncing the metal KPs and Addis for the Harmony! WOW! Mine are on the way to me! :o)

Well you be able to make it to Charlotte Purls knit group this Saturday?? Hope so!

doreen said...

yes the Harmony's are luxury! I enjoyed the loan last week! I'm looking foward to my own private set of Harmony interchangeable and dpns.
I'm sorry you missed Jada's first steps. It always sucks when kids do suprising things on somebody else's watch. I've seen how she would jump from safety and care of an aunt or grandparent to a 5' sudden death though just to be in your arms so don't dispair. You are still one of her very most favorite and important people.
Maybe she was just working all week to get walking "right" just for you!