Sunday, July 06, 2008

Little bit of this, little bit of that

I have several big projects I want to do - but for some reason I'm gravitating to little projects these days. The Charity wash clothes are the perfect project for this mood. Especially - with the bright and variety of colors available in the cotton yarns.


Each one is fun and colorful, but I'm done before I get too bored. I can also finish a row while waiting for the kids to get off a ride at the Carowinds or Spash Country - so it's a great travel project too.

I finished 3 this week, and am working on the 4th.


I've been making this from the booklet "Knit Dishcloth Sampler" I like that these are all large - 50 stitches across. Except for the one I knit diagonally, that's just a plain diagonal, garter pattern. My default pattern when knitting totally mindlessly.


This yarn - Salt and Pepper in Lily Cotton - makes me think of Cows. :) I knitted most of this at Carowinds after the "Night of Fire" fireworks on the 4th. The fireworks were truly impressive. But even more impressive is the total lack of ability to leave the parking lot for 2 hours. With - 3 cranky, tired and thirsty kids. If we ever go back - we will leave a lot earlier! I can't believe they planned the traffic control so poorly.

I've also been knitting socks for the same reason - small and mindless.


I started this one on Sock-Ease - I wanted to test out the new Lion Brand yarn and I like the colors. I so far have not been able to tell there is any Aloe Vera in the yarn, but it's not bad to work with. May be a tad bit crunchier than most yarns. Definitely not as nice as the high-end yarns, but a nice yarn for $9 a pair of socks. Good yarn for kids socks.

I also have been working away of my Flat Feet socks.


I do love the feel of this yarn, very soft. Because it has been knitted, it has a crinkle too it after knitting - but the sock yarn maker said it will block out. If it doesn't - oh well - I sort of like it :)

I found some crochet flowers I had made using craft floss - I love the colors - and the yarn is glossy and very colorful. I was playing with the color combinations. I would like to find something to make it into - a throw or shawl. But I haven't decided and am not looking forward to sewing a bunch of flowers together. So who knows. For now - they just look pretty on their own :)


I also found some Bookmarks I crochet as gifts. I had forgotten about them, but they do make nice quick gifts. I made these out of Opera crochet thread, but I wonder how it would look with a lace-weight wool, starched.....hmmmm...




Just a few :)


turtlegirl76 said...

Small projects are the best aren't they? Have you seen the cover of the Summer IK Crochet? I bet those flowers would work up well in a project like that. Could be cool!

Virtuous said...

Gurl you always make the best projects! :o) Luv them all!

Jane Prater said...

Just reading this wears me out. I love the crocheted flowers; put some on a bag and flaunt them.

Connie said...

Love all of your projects and especially the crochet flowers. Can't wait to see what you decide to make with them.

doreen said...

I remember those. . .there are so many things you could make from those.