Monday, October 08, 2007

Near Instant Gratifcation

Due to my constant bouncing between projects - none of the socks I was working on were progressing fast enough - and I wanted a new pair of socks!!! The owner of Rave Knits had waved some Universal Classic Worsted yarn in front of me - 20% Wool/80% Acrylic. Normally the yarn snob in me would have ignored the yarn, but after having my 100% wool socks burnout in the sole, I'm not as hot on all wool socks anymore. So I thought that yarn may make a great sock. It does!!! And I finally got Green socks on foot instead of on needle - after two days!!! It's a quick knit on size 2 needles, almost as quick as Jada's socks.

So tonight - I'm wearing my near instant gratifcation socks!!!

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