Saturday, October 20, 2007

Double Dare Me

I'm off to Seattle tomorrow and have some serious knitting to get done.

1. I need to complete a prayer shawl we will delivery to a mom next Saturday. Her son is in a coma at CMC after being hit by a car. He's 7 years old. As a mom - my heart goes out to her anyway. But as we have put our time at CMC with Jason during his 6 years, I empathize even more. So - please say a prayer for Jeremy and his mom that wakes up from his coma. And a quick one for me that I suspend my dislike of Homespun enough to concentrate on getting the shawl done!

2. I have a sudden, selfish need to finish a vest and sweater for me. I can feel the coolness in the air......occasionally. Well, rarely, but I know fall is coming if only for a day. And I am going to look good in my retro vest and sweater!

3. My Christmas shawls have been sidelined for way too long. I can't knit lace to well while in meetings and that is when I do most of my knitting so I can concentrate and not do email! So - I've got to get back to the lace.

4. And lastly - I have to resist adding to the stash. It's totally out of control.

So - I'm double daring me to come back with more than one FO and while I'm not sure I can go on a trip and not by some yarn. Let's just say I need to limit it to yarn I can fit in my suitcase without paying for extra poundage on the plane. I think I left myself enough wiggle room there to win my dare :) Let's see. And hopefully a few pics as well for the blog.

Oh - and I get to hopefully meet the founder of my company at my 15 year service award dinner :) He's a little someone most people have heard of before :) If I do - I will make sure I have digital camera in hand to capture the moment!!!!!

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doreen said...

ohhhh, sounds like an interesting trip. Congratulations on the dinner. I would LOVE to see your pic with you know who!
I miss you and will miss you at knit night. . . I know you can get the ps done. You're very fast and the homespun is bulky!
As far as he dare. Well I know you CAN do it too, but whether or not you do or not remains to be seen.
I really missed you in OH, too bad this trip sabatoged you being there. I can't wait to tell you stuff when we chat again.