Sunday, September 24, 2006

Making the most of it

I have had a yucky cold since Thursday. And on top of being 8 months pregnant - I'm not a happy camper. But I decided to make the most of it and wrap up some Christmas gifts. I am trying to get done before Jada Cherie arrives because she will take priority over knitting and crochet after her arrival!

I also had to change strategy. I wanted to make shawls this year, but shawls take too long. So - I decided to knock out some lace scarves. Lighter and prettier than a "normal" scarf, I thought the giftees may appreciate something that while still functional will be able to be worn longer in the year and dressier as well.

This scarf is made with 100% Cashmire yarn that I had been looking at for over a year. It finally was on clearance and I got 2 balls (all I wanted to spend) so I really couldn't do anything else with it except make a scarf. this one, while short, still took 2 balls! It's very, very soft and lovely. But I just can't afford to work with the stuff very much at those prices.

This scarf is a quick crochet project - started and completed while down with the cold. It is a chrochet lace pattern by Jan Eaton I love. I made a shawl with this patter earlier this year. It's quick and pretty. The yarn is Jaeger Matchmaker 4-ply. It's nice and soft merino. Easy to work with.

This is a tweed fingering weight yarn I ordered from I absolutely love the color. It's 2 ply yarn, a little cruncy but not overly so. I need to soak and block the scarf and see if it softens up some. I want to make a shawl with the yarn I think. I just love the vibrancy of the color.

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doreen said...

all very nice Janet. you always make the prettiest things. Gret job on them all!