Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pride and Joy

This Saturday we went to a friend's wedding. Jason was the ring bearer. He was a little character - he did well, walked up nice made a few mistakes (like going to stand next to dad vs. the groomsmen ) but he did well. But during the ceremony - he just couldn't let his personality hide - he showed out a bit. A little dancing, a little retying the shoes, a little waving to people in the audience, a little comedian.

That's one of my pride and joys :)

Janeen was a little lady too - she wanted to practice carrying a pillow so she could be a ring bearer for the next wedding :)

As for knitting and crocheting - of course I'm still busy. I've got tons of WIPs and just finshed a shawl. I'll get some pics posted when I get back from Seattle.

Now I'm trying to find baby patters -yes - I will have another pride and joy soon. A bit later in life than I had expected to be expecting - and we hadn't really decided to have 3. But life has a way of making up your mind for you!


Nik said...

congrats on the baby!

doreen said...

Jason and Janeen look so cute!
I can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew. I'm sure that yes we will be prideful and joyful at the arrival! You go girl!!!