Monday, February 13, 2006

Koigu socks

I finally finished my Koigu socks. They were too far done in the now infamous stockenette twist to turn back. But I like them anyway. The yarn feels so good on my feet. I've got to make more of these - of course with the correct stitch! They will be more strechy w/o my little twist.

Here are some other socks I've been working on:

And my sister's birthday socks:



something mu said...

your socks look so warm and comfy. i bet they make great gifts.

doreen said...

I LOVE YOUR SOCKS, and my birthday socks! I cannot wait!

Jennifer said...

ohhh those are too cute!

Rebecca said...

your socks look great! i especially love the pair in the middle with the stripes - fun fun fun!!!

Wendy said...

Nice socks!