Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just call me twisted

I took my lovely koigu sock to a LYS today - and learn something new. Pretty amazing given I have been knitting for year and NEVER KNEW I TWISTED MY KNIT STITCH. Boy does that explain a lot. It explains why when I knit and purl it looks weird. My solution was to avoid it when ever possible and knit in the round. It also explains why knitting lace and the kitcheners stitch was so difficult. I knit continental, and after looking on the web apparently this is a common mistake for self-taught continental knitters. Good - I'm not too weird. I've done a bit of practicing to re-learn and I know how I do it now. And it does make the fabric look completely different!

I feel a bit silly - I'm dying to make something now that is knit correctly. Problem is I have too many projects 1/2 done with a twisted knit stitch!

Well - lessons learned:

1. You are never to old to learn, well relearn.
2. Just because it feels good, doesn't mean you are doing it right.
3. It's always good to ask an expert (although lots of people have looked at my knitting and didn't comment on what was wrong! Although my sister did come close a couple of weeks ago.)
4. Knitting the wrong way is still fun and addictive.
5. You can wear a lot of items that are knitted with a twisted stitch.
6. Now I can twist and untwist at will!
7. The fact that I now know my stitches in existing garments are twisted bugs me.
8. This explains why I had such a hard time with picking up stitches (the right leg would NEVER want to go in front), knit lace, and finish the sock with kitchner's.
9. Maybe I was sending a subliminal message to myself.
10. I'm glad I didn't teach more people (including my daughter) how to knit!


doreen said...

You're a freak! I love what you knit. Though it's got a unique texture, it's still simply beautiful! Good luck with the new technique and keep on knitting!

something mu said...

i visit your blog everyday- so glad to see you back!

wish i could say i know what you're talking about, but i'm not yet a knitter. i bought some needles though, so at least i can keep my eye out for my own 'twistiness', in case i too go there. thanks for the heads up...

Rebecca said...

oh how funny! what ARE you going to do with you wips???

Nik said...

I know a woman who knits twisted and she doesn't think that she's doing anything wrong, no matter what I say to her.
I just let her keep knitting that way.