Thursday, December 22, 2005

Will I or will I not.....

make Christmas.
Will all the gifts be in their boxes, wrapped with names and cards?
Will they even all be off the needles or hooks?
Why that is part of the fun, leaving it until the nail bitting, hurried end.
And with the house 1/2 full of Seattle travel gear that has not been returned to the proper place.
And of course none of the food purchased, or even for that matter well planned for Christmas dinner.
And decorations, well - who needs decorations when there are family conversations to be had.
Who's worried, not me.
Merry Christmas.


doreen said...

LOL, Janet this is why I love you!
You are NOT Martha and that's super fantastic! I am so looking forward to just seeing you. I miss you. Maybe tomorrow, if not then, Saturday for sure at the Ray house.

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