Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Shrug

I made this shrug as a Christmas present for my sister, I wanted to suprise her but then had doubts....what if she doesn't like. So I showed it to her. She likes it :)

But I'll hold on to it until Christmas!

I found the pattern on knitting pattern central - here is the link: I'm very grateful to the creative person who wrote out the pattern!!

I made it with Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky that I had in my stash. I had been wondering what to do with it. It was almost perfect, but I ran out of it on the sleeves! I bordered them in Debbie Bliss SuperCashmerino. Wow - that is a really nice yarn. I wish I could make a sweater in that - but that would be very pricy!

I am definately going to make more of this pattern for my nieces - but with less expensive yarn. I have some some woolease chunky that I think will work great.


doreen said...

I LOVE THIS JANET. I can't wait to receive it and wear it. I'm interested to see that pin in detail!

Nik said...

you are a scarf knittin' machine!
I have a couple more to make to give away as gifts.