Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm still here!!!

We have been on vacation and travelling and getting buried at work - so I have been neglecting my blog. But never fear, not neglecting knitting, crochet and stash building!!

I took my yarn with me on vacation. I had one whole bag dedicated to my projects. Poor hubby had to lug my yarn bag each place we went to on vacation!!! He kept asking me - tell me again what you have in here?!? I just couldn't bear to part with my WIPs!

I did finish another bag that will be a Christmas gift. A felted green bag. I really love that pattern, and really am attracted to green this year. I considered keeping it - but decided to keep it as a gift!

Not much else to show - I have a ton of WIP that I just need to buckle down and finish. I did have one WIP I wanted to post. My first sweater! I decided to use the Brownsheep book that just gives a generic pattern that you can use with any yarn depending on gauge. I am using Muench Tessin yarn. Love the yarn and the way it is knitting. As you can see I'm down to just one sleeve!

The kids loved their vacation. As a family we really, really needed to get away. It was a breath of fresh air to us all. We visited Dollywood, which I wasn't sure if we would like, but the kids loved it. It is truly a kids park, not lots of big rides (which is fine with me!) but a lot of kids activities. We ran into two big thunderstorms, but since it cooled the air down that wasn't bad either. We will definately go back to the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area again.

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