Thursday, June 23, 2005

This little purse is my own creation. I went to the yarn shop and saw a purse with the Green cotton yarn, and then found the white & colorful yarn in the bargain drawer. I love a bargain!! I thought it would go well togheter, and it did. I have enough for another purse. Posted by Hello


Celeste said...

Janet - I love your little green bag SO much!

Two questions: 1) I see that you lined it, but did you attach the lining by hand? It looks machine stitched - if so, how'd you do that while keeping your stitches nice and straight on the outside? 2) I like your handles! How did you attach them? Did you crochet them in while working the last row or did you stitch them in after?

I'll check back here OR you can email me at csabers99 AT foxinternet DOT net OR you can just update your Crochetville post and I'll catch it there. Thank you!

~drew emborsky~ said...

The bag looks fantastic! Great job!!