Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My first knitted sock!! I went to my LYS this weekend, and was wearing one of my ponchos. After a long conversation, they recommended a sock patter made with worsted yarn. I was always afraid of socks because they seemed too hard, I didn't understand the gusset, and couldn't figure out how to use dpns. But, she assured me the pattern was easy and you just have to do one to know how it works. She was right! Plus, using worsted means I didn't have so many stiches. This is actually a little big since I didn't have 6 dpns, just 7s. But it worked. I made them a little shorter Love them!! Posted by Hello


GaiaGal said...


I'm about to cast on for my own first pair of socks. Hope they turn out as lovely as yours!!


Wendy said...

Those are awesome!