Sunday, April 24, 2005

Seattle again

Well I'm off to Washington again this week. For a QBR meeting. If I can get our corporate travel system to find a flight on the same airline each time then maybe I would have enough points to fly business or 1st class. Instead - I have the joys of coach. And I think on my return 11PM flight I have a middle seat. YUK!

The highlight of these trips is 5+ hours to crochet. The lowlight - sore neck, legs, back, etc. And lack of sleep. Oh - I forgot another highlight is visiting a Bellevue yarn shop. Apparently crocheters and knitters in Washington appreciate nice yarn more than in NC where it's very hard to find anything but Red Heart. No slam on red heart - but a red heart sweater just doesn't stand the test of time. Don't have any yarn dough at the time, but it is nice to look and get ideas :)

Thankfully there is the internet. Especially I found several yummy yarns on that site. It is one of my favorites!

What I can't wait to see is the yarn shops in England. I am definately going to hit one when we get a chance to go back! I guess I better start figuring out how to have some spending money - I'm sure I'll do some damage.


doreen said...

I'm going to miss you! But maybe when you get back you can see my yarns from for my einstien coat and ruana!

Pfirsch said...

Haven't you been to Needles! in Concord? It's downtown. They sell the kind of stuff that you're looking for.