Monday, April 11, 2005

Rant, Recover, Reflect

OK - I did my taxes this weekend. First of all - let me state I have no problem with paying taxes. I'm not the type to hunt down every penny because I figure you have to pay your way for the great infrastructue we have in this country.

But should it really take a college education to complete the forms! And that is with Turbo Tax. It is entirly too complicated and puts me in a bad mood every year. I feel like I need a vaction to recover.

So of course that meant I spent the rest of the weekend crocheting!! My current projects are the wristbag(s). I will post pics soon. I started with AJ's pattern on crochetville. Then I wanted to try it w/ Patons Grace. And then I decided to design one my self. I'm currently in the middle of completing this one.

Also - I got completely on a bookmark binge. I've made 5 so far. I like them because they are quick and fun. And I'll have a nice collection for gifts.

And before I finish blogging, of course I have to talk about my two munchies. They grow up every day, so fast. Janeen is having a tough time with allergies this year. So - we had a visit at 2am this morning. I put drops in her eyes, then she announced she was scared because her dad told her the utility box outside our house (for underground power) could "blow up". He didn't want her jumping on it - but poor dear was up all night afraid it would blow up!

And Jason - I got to spend some time with him at the mall yesterday. I took him after church and we had a date. Jason's thing is to sing. Loudly and everywhere. Not songs you have heard of before - although you do hear names in the song that you recongize. "Thomas", "Janeen", "Percy". But it is so cute. Every where I go with him, people laugh because he is constantly singing. One very, very long song. I just love the variety in personalities I see in my children. It's amazing how God has made these 2 little perfect people.


Deneen said...


I love how your voice just shines when you blog about your nice.

My daughter Elena's allergies are in full force this weekend. Poor thing, her eyes are all red (no drops in HER eyes though) and her nose is runny. She doesn't know what it's like not to have the allergies.

About the electric box, whenever I warn Elena about how she could get hurt, she frets over it too. Anything I tell her, she frets over at night. She must mull things over before she goes to sleep because sometimes she has an awful lot of questions about everything before bed.

Kids, gotta love em!

justcinful said...

We use that Turbo Tax program too for the federal and state taxes. Hubby does it though, so I have never used it. My big job is doing the local taxes, which is very simple since it is 1% of what your gross earn is. Lol.