Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today is the day

Today is the day - hope won over fear.
Today is the day - history was made.
Today is the day - the youth and under-represented roared.
Today is the day - peace won over war.
Today is the day - we begin as a nation to heal.
Today is the day - unity won over division.
Today is the day - America won over race.
Today is the day - I never thought I would see.
Today is the day - the power of we won over the power of I
Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus.


Virtuous said...

Praise GOD!! YES WE DID!!!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Amen! So proud of our country today!

Trish - My Merino Mantra said...


C├ęcile said...

This is a good day to be an American. I am so proud of the young people who got involved in their own future. Things will be better for them now.

The CraftD Knitter said...

God is good and we need to continue to pray now more than ever for Barack and his family because he has an incredible mess to clean up and people are going to try to bring him down. But no weapon formed against him shall prosper. Thank you Jesus!

Lo-rraine said...

Your poem is beautiful, in sentiment and content. My daughter was at the rally in Chicago. She said it was incredibly inspiring. She talked about the diversity and respect of the crowd, even those far removed from the podium. To think that nearly a quarter million people assembled with such warmth and consideration is staggering.

Surely something greater has come to this country, and I'm not speaking only of one man, but the unity that is being manifest with him as the catalyst. One person cannot possibly do all that needs to be done following our present administration's choices. We all carry a degree of responsibility in helping this country turn around. I agree with "the craftd knitter" in continuing to pray for Barack and his family.

I have never felt so involved in politics or an election as I have this one. I saw Barack in my hometown 5 years ago. Perhaps that's the reason this election felt personal to me, but as I stood in the booth and cast my vote I felt more connected than I ever had in an election. It was a very good feeling.

MamaWess said...

Hi there! I am a mom of 1 who lives in CT and my list of crafts sounds a lot like yours! I crochet and learning to knit. Also do beading and anything else i can get my hands on! I just started a blog too and hope I can keep up with it. I cam upon your site by searching for things to make with sock yarn other than socks! I have not even read up on your site yet but I am so impressed with all of your work. You must be super mom! :)
Hope you are able to keep up the blog (and me too)! My blog is at www.mamawess.blogspot.com

MamaWess said...

Thanks so much for writing back! I have joined ravelry but i don't think i have really spent any time there. a friend of mine suggested it and i joined and that was it! So I will check it out. That was a great idea! Thanks so much and when i get back on there I will look you up!
~Christina "Mama Wess"

Virtuous said...

Ur uh someone needs to update! ;op
I just linked you for my post 2mrrw! :o)

doreen said...

hey sis, any updates? the move? the new house? missing you and want to see an update!