Monday, May 16, 2005

Seraphina Shawl!!

Here is my Seraphina Shawl in Tahki/Charles Capri. I LOVE this pattern. It was super easy once it got going, and the shape is wonderful. It drapes perfectly. I had purchased this yarn off and tried 3 different patterns before making this one. I kept running out of yarn, I had 10 balls but they were just 52 yards per ball :( I made this one with a size P hook, and just stopped when the yarn ran out. But it is a nice length. The yarn is an Egyptian cotton tape yarn, it has a nice sheen and is very soft. This is now my favorite church shawl.

And I fell so in love with the pattern that I have 2 more in progress and 1 that I have purchased the yarn for! I am making one for my MIL, and two SIL in England. I had been struggling with what to make them and even started something for my MIL, but ran out of yarn. But I think this is perfect. I am making one in Wendy Aran, one it Cotton Plus (this is turning out GREAT!!) and one in Tia Cara. Pics will be posting soon because they are making up fast! Oh - here is the pattern link: Posted by Hello

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doreen said...

you know I love it! I just finished my own!