Sunday, February 13, 2005

And here is the baby sock I made with wildfoote. I think it is smaller than the organic cotton socks, but am not sure. I need to ask my sister for the sock measurements. The sock is much tighter (w/ the same needle) than the cotton. the wool/nylon mix definately feels different. I probably needed to make more adjustments. Posted by Hello


doreen said...

Thank you for Mardie's beautiful socks! The blue ones are pretty I cannot wait to see them in person. The organic ones are 3" from toe to heel row, 1" from heel to cuff. For a total of 4.25 inches. . . I'm not sure why it's longer but it is, lol. They are 2.5" wide at the foot portion and 2.75" wide at the heel (widest point). I hope that this helps.

doreen said...
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